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Bore Drilling Services

Stock & Domestic Bores

Bore water is often the life blood of a property. Whether it’s for your stock and animals or your household and gardens, you can never go wrong having the security and peace of mind of a well constructed water bore at the turn of a tap.

The first thing we do after taking your call is research all the information on your local aquifers. This information is harvested from the state government’s extensive database of registered water bores. This then gives us an idea of what we can expect in relation to the depth of your regional aquifers, flow rates and water quality. When this is combined with our driller’s local knowledge and expertise, you get the best possible chance of extracting any water that is under your feet at the lowest cost possible.

Stock And Domestic bore water drilling

Irrigation Bores

Where a stock and domestic bore is the life blood of a property’s animals and humans, an irrigation bore is the liquid gold for cropping and commercial activities.

If you are lucky enough to have large water sources beneath your lands, the value of your property can significantly increase. The options you have to commercialise your land increase greatly. Whether you have an existing irrigation bore that has issues or you are wanting to construct a new bore – we are the right people for the job. We consult thoroughly with our clients to learn their exact needs and expectations, and engage with specialised hydrologists when required so that we can recommend the best plan for your needs.

Borehole Inspection

If you have an existing bore that isn’t quite performing the way it used to, or you have found an old bore on your new property, we have the equipment to inspect the bore and find out its current viability or diagnose any issues.

We can run a down hole camera that gives us a clear 360 deg video of your entire bore. This allows us to identify any issues with the screen and bore casing which make up your bore’s critical infrastructure. From our inspection we can recommend the appropriate remedial work required to get your bore back up and running.  We can also advise if it needs to be decommissioned and a new bore drilled.

Bore Inspection southern downs

Monitoring Boreholes

boring and drill Monitoring
Whether you need to monitor water levels across your property, perform water sampling or environmental monitoring, Local Drilling Services can undertake your monitoring program for you.
We have extensive experience installing and monitoring bores and VWPs to 500+ m.

Exploration Drilling

Our team of drillers are industry experts when it comes to exploration. No matter the size or scope of your project we can deliver safe, productive, cost effective drilling programs tailored to suit your exploration needs. Whether your project needs PQ, HQ or NQ diamond coring, 4c or 8c conventional coring, down hole hammer, RC or rotary air/mud – we have drilled them all.

directional drill

Bore Rehabilitation & Decommissioning

As the saying goes – nothing lasts forever. This includes water bores.

There are several factors that contribute to your bore’s lifespan such as casing corrosion, aquifer depletion and environmental conditions etc. In certain groundwater environments, encrustations or blockages of various types can occur on bore casings, screens, in gravel packs and in pumps. These blockages must be removed to return the bore to optimum performance. In these situations there is down hole maintenance work that we can perform to remedy the issues and get your bore back up and running.

On other occasions the bore may have lived its lifespan and require decommissioning. All bore hole work must be carried out in accordance with the government’s requirements and by appropriately licensed drillers – this includes the decommissioning of bores. We are extremely passionate about looking after the aquifer system so it is a future source of water to use long term. For this to happen a bore must be decommissioned properly.

Rehabilitation and Decommissioning for bores

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